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New live photos of Guns N’ Roses in New Jersey

Posted in 80s Rock, Heavy Metal with tags , , , on November 19, 2011 by Patrick Prince

Check out some of these classic picks from the Guns N’ Roses New Jersey show. IZOD Center, Nov 17, 2011. Photos by Frank White

Check out the set list too by clicking here. (BTW, why is AXL performing so many covers?)

Steven Adler continues to exorcise his demons

Posted in Heavy Metal with tags , , , , on July 25, 2010 by Patrick Prince

Ex- GNR drummer Steven Adler told about his new autobiography, “My Appetite For Destruction: Sex & Drugs & Guns N’ Roses.”

“It’s so healing, getting all those things out of my system. You can’t take 30 years of pain and all that stuff and just get rid of it immediately, but at least I’m starting to get it out and I’m starting to become my own person again. I wasted so much of my life, it’s great to have survived and be living again.”

“I know the four of us besides Axl would love to do it,” he said. “I know besides millions and millions and hundreds of millions of dollars that would be involved, I think if we played for the whole world, it would be such a relief…like, ‘God, they’re finally playing!’ It’s what so many people really want, y’know?”

This blog has posted many times on Adler’s obsession with his past, and, as always, it’s good to see him have a release. Here’s hoping this autobiography is the last of it. Then it’s time to finally move on. For Steven, Adler’s Appetite is the future, not Guns N’ Roses.

Guns n’ Roses releases promotional video for their ‘Chinese Democracy’ tour

Posted in 80s Rock, Heavy Metal with tags , , , , , , , on June 13, 2010 by Patrick Prince

Oh yea … “Chinese Democracy.” I almost forgot about that album. Seems like it completely disappeared from the collective consciousness.

Best Buy threw down the lofty sum $14 million for 1.6 million copies of the album. But, as blabbermouth puts it, aside from Billboard and Spinner interviews and answering a number of fan questions on a Guns N’ Roses’ message board, singer Axl Rose has done no promotion of any kind for “Chinese Democracy”.

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J.D. Salinger, R.I.P. — Even Axl Rose Loved You

Posted in Rock Music with tags , , , , on January 28, 2010 by Patrick Prince

91 years old, and we hardly knew you.

In 1974 Philip Roth wrote, “The response of college students to the work of J. D. Salinger indicates that he, more than anyone else, has not turned his back on the times but, instead, has managed to put his finger on whatever struggle of significance is going on today between self and culture.

And we got a good Axl Rose song out of it, too.

Axl Rose Camp Denies That There was Ever a Ban on Slash Shirts at Guns N’ Roses Concerts

Posted in Heavy Metal with tags , , , on January 26, 2010 by Patrick Prince

Imagine going to a Guns N’ Roses concert and being told by an Axl-powered thug that you had to turn your Slash shirt inside out? TMZ reported over the weekend that this had happened at a concert in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada last Wednesday.

No truth to the rumor, reports the Axl camp:

“We did not advise any security to ban any sort of apparel…. If they did, they did it on their own accord, or under someone else’s order — from within their management.”

No matter what is said, I could see some incidents taking place. There was a similar rumor in the 80s about Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine having metal kids wearing Metallica shirts confronted at his shows. When asked about this in 1987, Mustaine responded angrily to Powerline:

Powerline: A couple of kids told me that when you see someone with a Metallica shirt on, at your shows, you try to rip it off them.
Mustaine: No, I don’t! I just think that if you’re gonna come to a Megadeth show, you should wear a Megadeth shirt, or at least buy one. I mean, what the fuck?!

To read the entire Megadeth interview click here.

I can see Axl having similar angry feelings towards Slash.

One thing is for sure — if I ever go to a Guns N’ Roses show, I’m wearing a Slash shirt.

Axl Rose Complains that the Media is a Bunch of “no fun, spoil sport, communist bastards”

Posted in Rock Music with tags , , , , , , , on December 16, 2009 by Patrick Prince

Axl claims that he was not the one who released a statement on the band’s MySpace page regarding the LAX incident.

Maybe that wasn’t him at the airport, either (above) — trying to beat the living crap out of a photographer. Maybe it was his clone, Asshole Rose.

And then Axl goes on to say:

“any publications running this … feel free to tack on whatever negative agenda-supporting nonsense you generally do (you know who you are). After all, it’s only someone else’s livelihood you media police state, no fun, spoil sport, communist bastards.”

‘no fun’? This coming from a guy who, in a state of rage, tried to do the tarantella on some photographer’s head. The media should have let Axl have his fun and ignored it, I guess. Fun for Axl must mean having no accountability for his actions. Call me a spoil sport, or a communist bastard for that matter, but that is what it seems.

Oooh, the Catcher In The Rye Again …

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Axl Rose as Tough Guy: Grade A+

Posted in Heavy Metal with tags , , , , , , on December 11, 2009 by Patrick Prince

TMZ caught it all on video. Axl Rose transformed into Asshole Rose and beat on a paparazzo the other night before boarding a plane at LAX for his Guns N’ Roses show in Taipei. A move that probably rivals Sean Penn’s former paparazzi anger, Axl at least warned the photographers about one of them touching his girlpal:

“Touch her again, I’ll break his fucking neck.”

Axl then transforms; he punches one of the photographers to the ground and was well on his way to giving the poor guy a Billy Batts beating ala Goodfellas. All that was needed was the song “Atlantis” by Donovan playing in the background.

Good thing more sober-minded people pulled Axl away in time.

Ex-Guns N’ Roses Bassist, Duff McKagan, Describes a Time Just Before the Internet

Posted in Rock Music with tags , , , , , , on December 4, 2009 by Patrick Prince

Duff wrote in his weekly column for Seattle Weekly about being in Guns N’ Roses at the height of their fame — and dealing with that fame in a time before the internet.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Before the Internet was common knowledge, and before there was a computer in virtually every home (as there is now), playing rock shows in faraway places like Brazil was an exotic endeavor, to say the least. Flying all the way down there to headline two nights at the Rock in Rio festival was pretty surreal. We just had no idea if GUNS N’ ROSES had fans in this part of the world or not. … As our flight took us somewhere above Central America, the pilot came on to tell us the United States had just attacked Iraq in something that the Pentagon dubbed ‘Operation: Desert Storm’. It was January 17, 1991.”

Duff is one of the more pleasant voices of Guns N Roses’ past. It’s a nice change from what appears to be only bitterness and anger from the Axl camp.

Read more of Duff’s column at

A Minor Guns N’ Roses Reunion: Slash and Steven Adler Back Together Again

Posted in 80s Metal, 80s Rock, Heavy Metal, Rock Music with tags , , , , , , , , on November 19, 2009 by Patrick Prince

Even if it will be only a brief period of time … like, um, maybe one song … Adler and Slash will jam on stage for the Slash & Friends benefit concert in L.A.  The Slash & Friends concert is a fundraiser (dubbed LAYN ROCKS) for the Los Angeles Youth Network (LAYN) a non-profit organization providing services to homeless and runaway youth.

To Adler, this is the progress of his dream of being closer to Slash, and continue playing with Slash (Yes, he can’t let go). Other guests at the show will be Andrew Stockdale, Perry Farrell, Billy Idol, Ozzy, Travis Barker, Tom Morello, Dave Navarro, Franky Perez, to name a few. This will be the first Slash & Friends gig in L.A., too.

Adler also plays on the upcoming Slash & Friends album (Slash solo project) with all the other members of GNR except Axl Rose, of course. (Note: On wikipedia someone was nice enough to add: “because he is a dickhead” to explain Axl’s absence).

The real news is LAYN, a great organization. Below is a video about them. Check it out. Good cause.

Here is Slash in a previous endoresement of LAYN:

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An Online Lovefest Between Slash and Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine

Posted in Heavy Metal with tags , , , , , , , on September 20, 2009 by Patrick Prince


This is a far cry from Dave’s relationship with Slayer’s Kerry King.

Slash tweeted that Megadeth’s new release, Endgame, “sounds killer.” In response, Dave Mustaine (right) immediately posted online:

Slash and I have been friends for a really long time. I have played in concert with his band, and jammed with him in a cover band once. We used to hang and party, true, but I dug Slash the most for his amazing talent on guitar. I am honored he said that he likes it.”

Aaaaah! How nice. Maybe Kerry can get in on some of this?! Now, everybody: “Someones singing lord, kumbaya….


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