New Queensryche singer: not using Geoff Tate’s backing vocals in performances

Photo credit: Mike Savoia Photography

Really? What a surprise statement!

New singer Todd La Torre (also of vintage class metallers Crimson Glory) posted the following message on his Facebook page:

“I’ve been asked about backing vocal tracks and that many believe they are hearing [original QUEENSRĊ¸CHE singer Geoff] Tate’s voice on them. Let me clearly state that there are NO backing vocals with his voice in ANY songs with my performance. Any tracks that have accompanied backing vocals have all been re-recorded with my voice and Eddie’s [Jackson, bass]. We don’t use any tracks to fake a lead vocal with me, but to simple give a fuller nicer sound to a chorus as backing vocals, NOT to replace my lead vocal role. Yes, they are very similar and would naturally be heard as Geoff’s, but they are not. All recordings are time-stamped and recorded in the computer and Pro Tools and my point is indisputable. … just needed to clarify that, and I also sing the full chorus live to ‘Empire’ since some have asked me about that.”

La Torre and his new band have launched a new web site at

In the meantime, via Blabbermouth: STRYPER Frontman Says TODD LA TORRE ‘Has Breathed New Life Into’ QUEENSRĊ¸CHE.

La Torre replies, on Facebook again: “What can I say: I am so honored and thankful for Michael Sweet’s comment.”

Oh brother.

This Geoff Tate vs. Queensryche thing is getting too sordid for anyone’s taste. Really.

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3 Responses to “New Queensryche singer: not using Geoff Tate’s backing vocals in performances”

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