Midnight, Singer of 80s Metallers Crimson Glory, is Dead at 47


Remember Crimson Glory — the glitzy, some say elegantly, masked Metal band of the late 80s?

Well, Blabbermouth.net learned today that the band’s former singer, Midnight (above, unmasked), died yesterday of kidney and liver failure. There was no mention of this being due to prolonged substance abuse (even though he had a history of DUI). And he had been “dismissed” from the band for what seemed to be unexplained reasons.

Personally, I was never a huge fan of Crimson Glory. But Powerline magazine covered them a lot in the 80s.

Some of the band’s songs were hard-edged (like Red Sharks, below) — which I loved back then — while others (like “Lonely,” also below on video) were somewhat flaccid with the trend of 80s power ballads . There was no denying, however, Midnight (real name: John Patrick Jr. McDonald) was a top-notch metal singer that never got the real praise he deserved (i.e., Geoff Tate-like praise).

Matt LaPorte, guitarist of Jon Oliva’s Pain, had a good comment on the vocalist’s life:

“I will miss my partner Midnight  — the greatest voice and friend I’ve ever known. In spite of his demons, (Midnight) was a beautiful soul who constantly changed the lives of those he met and came into contact with.”

The sad thing is that Midnight had plans to release a solo album, All Souls Midnight, announced last year.

I’ll try to dig up some past Powerline interviews with Midnight and post them as a tribute.

Strangely, there is no mention of Midnight’s death on any of the Crimson Glory sites as of yet.

Click here for the official statement: powerlinead.wordpress.com/2009/07/10/official-stement-from-crimson-glory-on-midnights-death/



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25 Responses to “Midnight, Singer of 80s Metallers Crimson Glory, is Dead at 47”

  1. Now that’s bad luck!

  2. フレッド Says:

    oh, the guys in the masks. now i remember.

  3. Patrick Prince Says:

    Crimson Glory’s blog had this post today:

    The passing of Midnight
    Current mood: sad
    On July 8, 2009, founding member and original frontman Midnight passed away at 3:30am surrounded by his family.
    The band is deeply saddened by the passing of their friend and brother.
    An official statement will be forthcoming later today or tomorrow.

  4. Midnight's last girlfriend Says:

    In spite of what he did over the course of his lifetime….wait ’til you hear what Midnight’s been producing in recent months….it’ll blow all of your minds…that is… if you appreciate music that has the power to hypnotize and transform you into a place or state of existence beyond mortal life…. it’s a collection of over 50 songs Midnight’s written in his life time……never heard….and sung with the same famous passion he is known for to this day…..this man lives forever ..born with more soul and love than one could imagine….

    • Pisces the dreamer Says:

      not surprised to see my words repeated and posted…..but am shocked that the person I told this to in confidence would not have given me the respect enough to at least tell me he was going to “publish”..hence HERE??? ..without my knowledge…oh well….only makes me question the authenticity of people in general..nothing new I guess….

  5. I can not believe it. Midnight I have known and admired, did the song with Sakada produced. It does Meir really very sorry, I will never forget him.

    Gerd Woelk, Berlin / Germany

  6. Although it’s been 25 years or more since I met you, and almost as long since I last saw you, your voice still lives on in my memories. I am just now finding out about your passing now, and it’s strange because I was just today turning some friends who had never heard it on to “Transcendence”, which is still one of my all time top listens. RIP, my friend…


  7. tommy tucker Says:

    goodbye midnight, although we only shared mutual friends, I was saddened to learn of your passing


    Man, So much death it the past few weeks, now my one of my favs gone too.
    Brother you gave so much passion and soul to your music it will be hard to find another. I trust you and God made peace with each other. I would love to hear your voice sing for him in heaven. Soon my friend we will meet again. Say hello to Mike Garcia for me (bass player for Final Assault who passed away, he too in his early years.

    Love always in my heart for you and your incredible voice.

    Alexander III

  9. There’s deaths every week! Forty thousand men and women every day!


      I meant from a intertainment view. I do know people die every day and it’s sad as well, but certain individuals have a bigger impact because of how they have touched others through there music.



    This is getting so foolish you, one of my most favorite vocalist has passed and I’m here with this back and forth. I’m done with you man! Think what u want. You obviously have nothing better to do.

    • I can think of nothing better to do than to enlighten the masses. The phrase, “most favorite” is redundant, by the way! Maybe you should reconsider who you choose to idolize.

  11. Horndog Hog Says:

    ArIII…you act like your parents passed away in an airplane crash…you obviously have nothing better to do…


    btw…do you care half this much about all the men and women dying for your freedom that you take for granted everyday…

  12. Patrick Prince Says:

    Ignore the haters, Alexander III.

  13. Coming from the Hater-In-Chief himself!!! I think he’s gone anyway, Pat!

  14. Thanks Midnight for all the good moments earing your voice, thanks from Spain thru the skies…

  15. w.t.fudge,i just found out that my main inspired vocalist is gone,as a tear builds up in my eye,yet too angry to cry!he’s spread his wings and he flied thru the painted skies to the heavens!i’ve often sang along to crimsons songs out of passionate inspiration and vocal studies!last i heard he was working on solo work,would love to hear more of it.if any 1 has any please send it 2 me.couldn’t hear it soon enough.wow,may god bless midnight in heaven,and hope i meet him there someday when it’s my time,meanwhile i shall continue to blast out all his deep,passionate feelings thru all his recordings i own,and sing emotionally spirited.guarantee i’ll cry then!prayers go out to his family,freinds and fans.god bless.

  16. midnight was a one of a kid person with a unique voice i grew up down in florida listening to them.i am a musician myself he was and always will be an inspiration to me .the world lost a very interesting and awsome singer in his passing rest in peace midnight .kjc

  17. I hated him he was a faggot and im glad he’s dead i think of thw worms eating his dead body

  18. I miss him so much. His voice can never be duplicated. He sings in heaven with the angels.God bless him. I wished I could have met him.God bless him. He will forever be missed.

  19. Although I never knew him personally, Midnight will always be remembered as one of the greatest voices in Metal, with Geoff Tate, Ray Alder, John Arch and James LaBrie. Transcendence may be the best “vocal” album of all time. No small contributuon to this world. May his songs and name live on forever, he was truly an “Angelic” voice, I hope he sing’s with angels now. R.I.P.

  20. Hawk is the faggot and all of you pussies speaking badly of this man will taste death one day and noone will care.

  21. yo,shut the fuck up, no one wants to hear un useless comment.
    then go bck you fuckin where the hell your from

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