Judas Priest Skirts Topic of Former Drummer Dave Holland’s Pedophilia Case

At the Sweden Rock Festival press conference (above), Judas Priest was asked a sensitive question about former drummer Dave Holland’s pedophilia case. Vocalist Rob Halford complimented Holland as a musician and went on to avoid a direct answer to the qustion. Here is part of the transcript:

Rob Halford: Well, I think there’s an enormous respect for Dave and what he did for the band. As you know, we’ve had many drummers, we’re almost like the living Spinal Tap in some respects. The drumming for any band is absolutely vital, it’s the anchor, and it’s what keeps the band locked together. So after going through 3 or 4 drummers we finally found the best man for the job, Scott Travis and he’s been with us for how many years, Scott? He doesn’t want to remember…

Scott Travis: 19, I think.

Rob: Since “Painkiller”, so we’re talking 18 years now. So there’s a reflection of thanks to all the drummers who we’ve worked with for doing great work but it’s important to reinforce that Scott Travis is the exclusive drummer for Judas Priest.

Rob Halford could easily have a career as a politician if he ever retires from Heavy Metal. He perfected the skill of avoiding a sensitive topic.

Dave Holland (right) was sent to the clink in 2004 for eight years on an attempted rape charge of a young boy. Holland still maintains his innocence. At the trial he only admitted to being bisexual.

After the imprisonment, Judas Priest promptly removed Holland’s photos from their newly-released box set.

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48 Responses to “Judas Priest Skirts Topic of Former Drummer Dave Holland’s Pedophilia Case”

  1. フレッド Says:

    you can’t blame them. the guy was their drummer, then he wasn’t, then he got convicted for pedophilia. his case has nothing to do with the band. i can understand asking the question, and i understand skirting an answer.

    • 14/07/2014 people will not always tell the truth about private matters, sometimes they will lying in their own advance. they wiil adapt the truth as their skirt blows, but the drummer left the band in 1989, now 25 years ago, does it still matter anyway?

  2. No, I didn’t leave out Holland. We also managed to catch the transcript which was shockingly bad however, so that just goes to show that its not all good I guess! Sometimes that is where Heavy Metal come in handy.

  3. Patrick Prince Says:

    I understand the first comment. Judas Priest has always been a class act and have a legacy to protect.
    The second comment (perhaps from the band) brings up a good point about the validity of the transcript, too.
    The post wasn’t a criticism of the band either. It was more a wink (an understanding).

  4. The real question is, how many under-aged boys has Rob Halford had?

  5. Patrick Prince Says:

    That comment is uncalled for, Hawk

  6. Are you kidding me? That dude’s got a whole ranch of young men in Phoenix, AZ! Why do you think he doesn’t want to talk about it?

    • Green Manilishi Says:

      Careful, Hawk… You better be damned sure of the accusation when you’re talking about a GOD….

      • the atheist Says:

        he’s a singer, and flaming like george and freddy. end of story. granted, halford’s voice rules..but, he’s still queerer than a 3 $ bill. hawk is right.

    • so who cares if he’s gay? Jesus it’s 20fucking11 and this is still an issue?!?! Scores of dudes in bands have their way with the hungry underage masses (male and female) cause teens wanna do what they wanna do…underage isn’t cool but the fact he’s gay is moot

      • Anonymous Says:

        Just because someone likes you on Facebook, doesn’t make it alright for you to send them a picture of your Weiner!

  7. I wish the band reconsider” Let Dave back in when he get’s out ”

    Dave was and still is a Hell of a rock drummer ?

    In my book they should let him back in the band ….Lot’s of band’s go threw shit like that …Blaming people on there …What ever what was right or wrong > I know dave did the wrong thing …He know’s it to ? Please let him came back .and play with yall “”!! Answer me this why shouldn’t he come back ….Yall do owe it to him

    • It’s not really a case of “let him back in the band”, though… he wasn’t in the band at the time of the alleged incident, anyway. Yes, Dave Holland is a class act, but his recent work was with the likes of Al Atkins (JP’s original vocalist…), with Paul May and Pete Emms on guitar and bass respectively.
      Mr Holland may always be labelled a paedophile, but (perhaps not surprisingly) he continues to maintain his innocence. The case was controversial to say the least.
      In any case, it isn’t the place of his colleagues, current or former, to comment on something that doesn’t concern them. Rob Halford, irrespective of his own sexuality, was quite right to focus on the band’s current drummer.

      • Cut the crap, they should burn in hell and that’s the only objective truth. Halford is representation of Biblical abomination and probably disgusting sodomic pervert confessed after all. They used(still used after “Skeptical Inquirer”) subliminal messages in their tracks which was scientifically proven by PhD in psychology and expert in PR. Both of their fans blew their heads off. So please, to all the brainless, ignorant J(false)P zombies don’t give me your maneuvers of comfortable lies. JP should prosecuted because of deceit, manipulation, perversion and disgust. I hope that smart people will understand my rage if they’re at least a bit gifted with gray matter. Since I’m a NLP & Hypnotherapy student I stand behind everything I said above with scientific data. The statement he released in his defense is just pure rhethorical fallacy, careful subtlety for fools. If I insert you message like that I’m creating myself a loyal base of middle, low class teens who will worship me for generation, because the feeling of suicide and subconscious freedom is too addictive and won’t necessarily kill you (depending on your psy-ego structure) but will permanently seduce you without knowing why.

      • @asd, are you really that retarded? to what end would would the benefit be for them to have subliminal imagery to kill yourself? It’s stupid to think that all these bands are “demonic” seriously, it’s just silly, really silly, like stupid silly. You post about “scientific data” and yet you post no links to said “data”…btw you can’t prosecut someone because you are “disgusted” with them…go pray for our souls churchy boy.
        “they say I worship the devil, they must be stupid or blind, I’m just a rock n roll rebel” – Ozzy

    • Dumbfuck!

  8. the atheist Says:

    pedophilia is about the worst thing you can be labeled. I abhor them. they deserve no respect from me, famous drummer or not. I say, let him rot in jail forever. I’d rather be labeled a serial killer than a pedophile. sad way to live. end of story.

    • Fuck Judas Priest, gay creation, they were always a lowlife representation of Metal, just like CrapAllica after selling out their souls after Black. The only band wise one should respect and listen from NWOBHM should be Iron Maiden, since they’re intelligent and great human beings wishful of sending light with their music and in their messages after all!

      • You are just a redneck if you dont like them shut up

      • I don’t understand your logic. Rob Halford is gay, so the entire band is evil. That’s basically what you said. I also don’t think that Iron Maiden goes out of their way to send “light with their music.” As for the subliminal messages, Rob summed it up in their trial that they were acquitted of, saying how counter-intuitive it would be to add subliminal messages to fans to kill themselves. “We would tell them to buy more records.” Why don’t you just get your self-righteous ass out of here and leave us to enjoy our metal. \m/

  9. The people on this blog should be shot!

  10. Hey I did not have sex with that child.

  11. Even if Dave Holland had sex with another male and its a big IF. That other male was 17. Not a kid. Dave Holland as far as I am aware was never gay. The whole case stinks.

    • You piece of dumb sick human shit, and that is ok for you porn addicted perverted retard??!
      Where is this world heading to…. TO FUCKING HELL thats where

      • wow such vitriol and hatred! asd, all the guy is saying is that perhaps the case has flaws in it, I’d be interested if Dave can prove he’s innocent…If he cannot then well he should be damned for interfering with a minor (but a very old minor as things go)…however it should be noted that this teen had issues and that should be addressed…he wasn’t mentally handicapped but mentally ill, that is a big distinction and it’s interesting that nobody has ever come forward to say Dave has done even something remotely like this prior to this incident. Cops push what they think is right not necessarily the facts, there is lots of proof of that…so can you get off your high horse and save your self righteous indignation and churchy bullshit, please?

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  13. afoster_52@yahoo.co.uk Says:

    Dave Holland is a VERY NICE bloke, i have talked to him about the truth!, and he IS INOCENT OK. He was framed and the truth will come out one day and i hope the man who is Guilty goes down.

    Alan ex Bullingdon !!!!!!

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  15. Back in Priest?? Dude you’ve not heard Painkiller obviously Because that idea is completely retarded to think Dave is that kind of drummer. In Priest, I thought he was as good as a one armed monkey, but in anything else he’s alright. He’s not a heavy rock drummer that’s for damn sure.

  16. @digdugg Listen young ‘starter’, I have read so many books, conducted so many research in neurology and brain to subliminal control that you wouldn’t understand neither through cartoons & porn you’re dumbed with and! When I say that this band is really not what it appears to be (except to average bwashed, middle-class, medi-educated weak minded “metalhead”) then I’m perfectly clear and of course I’ll guide you to Dr. Wilson Brian Key who made an official scientific research of the mentioned album within audio-engineering conditions, this band is an agenda to promote faggots and sodomy and persuade generations of 80-90′s. Since you’re probably average-minded lowlife it probably won’t mean a bit for your blinded weak mind but hey don’t say one day no one mentioned it for you. I’m the last person to be blinded in any form and believe me with respect DUMBASS, I’m not church boy. I’m the one of those who’re too smart for most of the blinded sheeps and who can’t be in any way deceived, at most not for long. So listen to your cool faggie “metal” melodies and let them fill you, you probably never even made effort in reading lyrics, oops you can’t made comparison, never even understood the message behind music etc. I could go on for years but why wasting my precious cells on low-minded intoxicated fanboys who’re just sheeps guided to the hole. Stupid songs, stupid lyrics, sickos on the instruments, sodomy promotors, addicts in every form, that’s what your so much loved “bandie” is and you’re defending them, zombie! And one more thing, don’t you ever think for 1 ms that I’m not objective here, find yourself another band if you want my own advice. My fellow one, cognitively you’re too limited to understand anything I mentioned. Do you really think that the brain is so simple by saying, “Why would they kill someone”. Industry knows what’s doing, what’s addictive, attractive to brainwashed masses and how they’ll easily be persuaded to any kind of control, sexual, moral, ethical etc. Your ignorance unfortunately is too huge obviously and you don’t have any clue what technologies exist to manipulate human mind and subconscious division of it, to program it as higher-ups of the world would love it. This kind of bands are supported from behind the curtains, there is no any doubt for cognitively and intelligently capable and wise person. Probably this is too much for you but someone else maybe has some open storage within the mind.
    There are still good metal bands with great lyrical messages, such as Blind Guardian, Iron Maiden etc. The problem is that most people are just zombie listeners of melodies and rhythm, because it’s of less, you guessed it, mind effort so they never really understand what is wrong with the band and of course you need some alternative knowledge to strengthen your cells and individuality. The result “But I LUv ‘m, they’re so cool” of typical stupid metalhead with beer instead of brain. This music is so much powerful for using it in good causes and empowering the freedom in those few awakened minds but JP between others tried to pervert it in creating one more era of used lowlifes, well they FAILED! If you think you understand music, stop lying yourself, you DON’T no matter even if you play like Malmsteen, you said and showed everything in your reply. Mind reading especially in terms of not so complex mind is not SF, believe me. Judas Priest is one of the worst
    representations of metal band, and what they name is originating from, it’s from the man who betrayed Jesus savior and I’m not fanatic to stop your mind again in fast assumption. I’m not someone you can fool with. Like I said, knowledge is POWER!

    Bacon, Francis

    Watch below or carry on with wasting your cells and squeezing your brain dimension->

    Learn something, your neurons would love it:

  17. @digdugg + Are you TRULY that retarded by being so easily manipulated by giving Osbournes claims credibility. Oh sheeple, blind is really leading bloody blind!! Ozzy is a devastated and destroyed person, mentally and physically. He’s A Walking Dead and you’re taking his words for granted. Find on YT and you’ll see what one smart men said about this creep. His name is Ronnie James Dio! That’s all, now it’s up to you. Stay as stupid and ignorant or make some progress. In former you’re doing good like most of the population. Enough


    Привет всем!!!!! Мне нравится этот форум :) .

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  20. To ASD,

    First of all Judas Priest named their band after a line in an old Bob Dylan song. Had nothing to do with the biblical character. There was never any backwards masking in any of their songs. This was an attempt by religious idiots to put down a form of music they knew nothing about. The two teenagers that killed themselves, did not get cohersed into doing so because of any Judas Priest song. As a matter of fact, the song in question was not even written by them. This was used as a scapegoat to avert responsibility away from the teens themselves, and their parents. You do not hear it too often, but both of those teens were high as kites and abusing drugs in one of their rooms before they did what they did. They both obviously had deep problems. Subliminal messages to me means that if you believe it it there, you will hear it, regardless of whether it is actually there or not. Also, how do you explain the millions of people who have listened to this song, and other Judas Priest songs, like myself, that has not killed themselves? I have been listening to the Stained Class album since 1978. If there is anything bad lyricwise in rock music, it will be there listening to the music forward. Anything else is simply not reality and you are just living on another planet.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Wow. Interesting stuff. ASD is a sad cliche. In many ways. The obvious “find the devil in everything” way, but also in the way that people who are charlatans speak. Bragging of their accomplishments and credentials, when these same people are most usually the biggest losers speaking very loudly of themselves only to mask their own personal short comings. I would bet he is also under 5′-2″ tall. And that other “short coming” as well. Peace…

  22. Dave Holland? I always new he was queer. With that little mustache and the way he pursed his lips when he played. I’m from San Francisco, and i know that look when i see it. Bet him and Rob had a lot of hot sweaty nights after the show sharing their “Turbo love.” Plenty of “Ram it down and shove it up” as well I’m sure.

  23. I love these gay comments but the fact of the matter is Dave got caught “Breaking the Law”. Homosexuality and Pedophilia are two different things. Would I go as far as to remove his pictures and parts off albums, i don’t know. At least they still give Dave credit as a past member and a good drummer which is fair under the circumstances.

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  27. legitshredder Says:

    I believe Dave is innocent he admitted to being bisexual but he never confessed to any crime and to be honest it seems wrong of people to judge him without getting his side of the story too cause really I’m pretty sure they didn’t do any sort of tests to see if he did it or not

  28. Some Old Guy... Says:

    At present time, is hard to find any news of Holland being actually out of prison (he should have been freed by 2012). Whether innocent or not, it’s more a (typical) case of Justice being absent or not, of having enough evidences as to prove it without any possibiity of doubt -seems not to be the case-, REGARDLESS of the fact of Holland being a RockStar or Gay/Bi/Whatever. Justice MUST BE BLIND, and it includes any other aspect of the accuser/defendant (specially, this should include the MONEY factor, which most usually intervene in the implementing of JUSTICE everywhere). Heavy Metal Posers? Diva/Persona/Character and credibility within an artist’s discourse? I seriously think it’s more on the “utopia” side of things, “True” stage artists -if there were such- ended with the 60s, and died with the dawn of the whole arena/pop/Rock/media scene. Since the 70s, no artist can consider itself as successful and survive within the system without at least a little bit of deceiving imagery, a little bit of the montage the Media and the whole advertising world sets as the rule. So I don’t think the vast majority of the artists out there are there to “pour their hearts out”, but to make money as a part of a way bigger machinery, while doing something they may enjoy, and therefore credibility gets real low in the priority list.

    What really amazes me is asd’s comments. it is amazing how someone who is said to be so intelligent, smart, mature and studied can feel such an urgency to justify himself on certain arguments. Time (And I’ve got a hell of a lot of it…) has taught me that real wise men know better than that…

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  31. That asd is some douchebag. God does not exist. Chill, man. Fucking retard. The only problem is Rob Halford fucks assholes. That is so un metal. Queers and metal go hand in hand, I know. Long hair like girls, leather wearing, a fag favourite – metal is a poster child for homosexuality. Gross.

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